With close to 20 ski resorts offering thousands of vertical feet of fun throughout the state of Idaho, attempting to label one particular section of mountain as offering "the best" powder in the state, could be a bit implausible to some.

Every year when ski season begins in the state of Idaho, I get a tad regretful that I haven't made much of an effort to get back into the hobby. I had a run of a few years where I really enjoyed snowboarding, and then life took me in a couple of new directions which limited my free time greatly.

There are presently 18 ski resorts operating throughout the state. There are a few popular ski spots within a couple hours commute of Twin Falls. Tamarack Resort is located 100 miles north of Boise, and is considered by many to consistently produce great conditions. The two closest to Twin Falls are Magic Mountain Resort and Pomerelle Mountain Resort, both are within 75 miles from town and are local favorites.

Earlier this year, Brundage Mountain Resort in McCall, which is also home to the annual winter carnival, produced a video showing just how incredible the area is for winter activities. The resort's, "Best Snow In Idaho," tag line is hard to dispute, what with its 46 trails and pristine mountain surroundings.

The resort is located approximately 240 miles northwest of Twin Falls. It's a bit of a drive, but certainly a destination locals could make a weekend of.

Opening day for many of the state's resorts is expected in the next four to five weeks. Do you agree that Brundage has the best snow in the Gem State?

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