We stumbled across a little town in Arizona that shares the namesake with Idaho's very own Jerome.

I realize these aren't exactly mirror images of each other but both Jerome, Idaho and Jerome Idaho seem to share that small town feel.

Jerome AZ Goolge Street View

Jerome, AZ is an example of an old mining town that went bust. In its day, Jerome was the 4th largest city in Arizona and peaked at around 15,000. Since the Depression, it has been reduced to a population of 448.  But back in the day, it was even larger than Jerome, Idaho who has a population of 11,038

The population peaked at 15,000 in the 1920’s. The Depression of the 1930’s slowed the mining operation and the claim went to Phelps Dodge, who holds the claim today. - AZJerome.com

According to thier site, Jerome, AZ has some interesting atrractions like a ghost town and some haunted tours. If have have an entire day to kill, you can drive from Jerome to Jerome in a little over 12 hours.