This sounds like a strange question, but I don't frequent men's restrooms and I have heard the complaints from some dads. Apparently public men's restrooms don't usually have changing tables for when they are out and about with the kids.

Are there any public restrooms, whether restaurant, store, whatever, have diaper changing tables in the men's restroom? I mean, there is one in pretty much every women's restroom I have ever been in. Dads change diapers too right? There are even single dads out there doing it alone.

Do you think there should be diaper changing tables in the men's restroom? I am curious, if there are no changing tables, how do dads change diapers in public? Do they have to go to the car? Do they just do it? Maybe I am over thinking it.

I have heard that there might be some in McDonald's and Target here in Twin Falls. That is a start. I have seen a ton of buzz about it lately and I am curious, does any men's restroom have one?

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