You might think that werewolf would be a good Halloween costume this year since there will be a full moon, but it isn't among the top searches. I feel like maybe I missed something recently in pop culture. Google Trends show a surge in mermaid costume searches in Twin Falls for Halloween. Was there a mermaid movie that just came out on a streaming service and became an instant hit? A quick search online doesn't bring up any specific mermaid movies from this year except for a scene in The Lighthouse...but based on the R rating and explanation of the mermaid on Thrillist I'm going to assume most mermaids won't be modeled after that.

Maybe a lot of people are realizing that this year they'll be celebrating at home or at a party and not need to walk much so a mermaid costume is finally an option. Otherwise fins for feet would make for a pretty terrible costume for mobility. The data from Google's Frightgeist can change over time, in fact the top choice for Twin Falls has changed since I started writing this story. It went from generic 'Mermaid' to specifically 'The Little Mermaid'. That means there is a chance that many of the searches before were less Disney cartoon style mermaids and more Pirates of the Caribbean style mermaids. There has been a surge in movies where the mermaid is more true to lore like a deadly siren and not so much like Ariel from the Little Mermaid.

For now the top results for Twin Falls are: The Little Mermaid, Where's Waldo, Star Wars, Spider, and Poison Ivy.

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