Recently an Idaho YouTuber went to Mermaid's Hole on the Jerome side of the canyon and took a swim. Some people are wanting to know where it is, others are saying you should avoid it.

Mermaid's Hole is a beautiful little waterfall that looks like it is a little oasis in the middle of nowhere. The only problem is, all that water is basically run off from canals.

Hey Arnel jokingly called it Mermaid's Butt Hole, but according to a few co-workers, he isn't the first one to call it that. It makes you wonder if it started being dubbed "Mermaid's Butt Hole" because of what may be lurking in the water?

I mean, honestly, it looks incredibly beautiful. But, is it a well kept secret or a place that people avoid because they know what is in the water?

mermaid hole location

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