Everyone loves George Strait, but this 4-year-old boy may be Strait's No. 1 fan. This tiny country crooner dresses up, wears a guitar and hits stages to open for local bands. He wows them with his renditions of Strait songs and he's just too cute for words.

This time, the 4-year-old takes the stage at what appears to be a luau, with a rowdy crowd in front of him. The moment he starts singing, the audience quiets, intently listening to his performance. The youngster starts out with "You Can Do Anything Else," Strait's song from back in 2000.

The sweet little boy wears a plaid country button-down, dark denim jeans, cowboy boots and a light cowboy hat. He's a mini Strait if we've ever seen one! Although he wears an acoustic guitar strapped across his body, he doesn't actually play it. The guitar and its leather strap are mere accessories in his adorable onstage performance.

The 4-year-old continues after his first song, then transitioning to "You'll Be There" and "So Much Like My Dad." When he finishes, he playfully strums his prop to a ton of cheers from the energetic and excited audience.

Watch the adorable Strait medley in the video above.