Why did Culver's in Twin Falls drop this item from its menu? And more importantly, why has it taken me five months to notice?

My second question most likely answers the first. When I found out that Culver's restaurants had dropped fried chicken from all of their locations, I called our Twin Falls Culver's and their manager confirmed that the item was removed from the menu mid to late August of 2016.

Fried chicken was a less popular menu item so they discontinued it to focus on the better selling stuff. The Twin Falls manager I spoke to said that even folks who were big fans of their fried chicken, more often ordered burgers.

It makes sense.  Sell what's selling and move on. And if it's taken us five months to notice, they probably made the right move.  If no more fried chicken is leaving a void in your life, you 'll just have to console yourself with one of these.

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