You can get yourself some farm fresh potatoes from the CSI U-Pick Garden and it is this Saturday, August 31st only. The money goes to a good cause as well.

If you head to the u-pick garden at the farmers market at the College of Southern Idaho, you have a chance to grab yourself a sack of potatoes for a donation price. That means technically you could get a sack of potatoes for like, a buck. Now, I would definitely encourage you to donate more money than that because all the proceeds goes to Gilbert's Pantry.

Gilbert's Pantry is a full pantry that helps College of Southern Idaho students eat. Poor college students need all the help they can get. I remember utilizing the food pantry at my college every chance I could. So really think of eating all those potatoes and helping college students also eat some potatoes. It might make you feel better.

The fresh potatoes are all thanks to CSI Agriculture and J. R. Simplot. You can go down there on North College Road from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and grab some potatoes. If you can't make it Saturday August 31st you technically can make an appointment to grab some on August 30th by contacting the College of Southern Idaho.

While you are there you can also get yourself some green bell peppers, yellow sweet gypsy peppers, zucchini and more. Raspberries are $3.50 per pound and vegetables are all 75 cents per pound. Can't really complain about those prices.

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