Since I moved to Twin Falls more than a decade ago, the CSI Rodeo has been an event we go to every year. It usually happens right around our anniversary, so it helps me to not forget my anniversary. Last year, due to the pandemic starting up, the CSI Intercollegiate Rodeo was cancelled just a few days before it was set to happen. This year the rodeo returns to the Eldon Evans Expo Center on March 13, 2021 but there are some big changes happening.

First of all, only family members of the CSI rodeo team will be allowed to attend the rodeo in person. The general public will not be able to buy tickets or attend at the Expo Center. We will however be able to watch the rodeo on a live stream. The link for that feed isn't available yet but we'll add it as soon as we get it so you can watch from home.

Secondly, the rodeo will only be a one day event on Saturday March 13th, but there could be some rodeo action on Friday the 12th. Currently Weber State is unable to host a rodeo so theirs is being reassigned to a different location. That location could be here in Twin Falls and we should know if that will be the case on Monday, February 15th.

That leads to the bigger picture needing addressed - funding for the CSI rodeo team. The CSI Boxing Smoker and the CSI Intercollegiate Rodeo are the biggest fundraiser events for the group, with the smoker not happening and the rodeo not selling tickets the team needs to get money somehow. They currently have a small fundraiser selling the illustrated art book Ranch School 101. The books are selling for $15 (or $20 if you want them to mail it to you) but if you really want to help out the team, consider making a larger 'donation' for the book if you can. Details on the book at the CSI Rodeo Team Facebook page.

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