Twin Falls gets super excited when new businesses open, especially restaurants. People will come out in droves to support local. But there are a few Twin Falls businesses that you may not have even realized closed down for good. They quietly closed their doors.

Pandora's Legacy

Pandora's Legacy was opened over by Brickhouse. They served some delicious food. There was some talk about issues with rent and having to close. However, there were a few indications that the restaurant may reopen in a new location. That has not happened as of yet.

Costa Vida

Costa Vida was open where Nara Ramen and Sushi is now. The restaurant closed right around the start of the pandemic and the sign on the door said they were relocating. However, I have not seen any more details and have not seen it reopen.

NAZ House of Kebabs

It was located in a small restaurant across from Smith's on Addison. Some of you may not have even known this place existed in the first place. It also was supposed to reopen but the building has been sold to another restaurant.

The Dug Out

It was a bar that doubled as an arcade on Blue Lakes. This is another place some people may not have even realized was open. It quietly closed its doors after not being open for very long. But it looked like a fun place.

150 Main

They just closed their doors after being open less than a year. The building had too many problems and it was too costly to get it back up and running safely. The store closed and unfortunately does not have plans to reopen.


Rita's was in Downtown Twin Falls where the Smokey Bone used to be and Villa Tacos is right now. They also had issues with location and rent prices. Again, they were going to reopen somewhere else if they could but so far, no word.

Sweeto Burrito

I was really sad when Sweeto Burrito closed, it was not open very long. It definitely closed down quietly and some may not even realize it was there. In its place is Boomerang Coffee.

The Gyro Shop

It was in Downtown Twin Falls and it was great. I am sad that is closed down. It wasn't widely publicized that it was closing. So you may not realize that it had to close down.

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