The City of Twin Falls posted a reminder about safe winter driving

Twin Falls City reminded us that winter driving conditions hit hard for the first time of the season a few days ago and asked that motorists use extreme caution when driving in poor conditions. One good snowstorm can cause issues, even when we've gone several days with no new accumulation. As temperatures warm, it causes the base layer of snow and ice to melt and creates a new layer of ice as the sun goes down and temperatures drop. Roads that might have been decent to drive on during the day can become an entirely different animal at night.

Some pretty basic but practical reminders about winter driving

The City of Twin Falls recommends some basic advice and best practices for driving on winter roads. Avoid driving at night or during dark hours if you can, add some distance between you and the car in front of you, and most importantly, SLOW DOWN. Over the years I've spoken to countless law enforcement officers. One consistent message I hear is that the vehicles causing most accidents and slide-offs during winter are overconfident drivers, (usually in a 4x4) driving too fast. Posted speed limits are for ideal driving conditions, so there's no reason to be driving full speed after a storm.

Not all roads are treated equally when it comes to snow and ice removal

Obviously, the most traveled roads get priority treatment over side streets and residential neighborhoods.

2nd Avenues, 4th Ave. E., N., Addison Ave., Blue Lakes Blvd., Bridgeview Blvd., Eastland Ave., Falls Ave., Filer Ave., Fillmore St., Grandview Dr., Harrison St., Heyburn Ave., Kimberly Rd., Locust St., Minidoka Ave., Monroe St., N. College Rd., Pole Line Rd., Rose St., Shoshone St., Shoup Ave., South Park Ave. Victory Ave., Washington -

As ice and snow melt following a storm, you'll find yourself transitioning between streets that are just fine to those that are downright mean. It's not a big deal as long as you remember not to come in hot as you're going from a well-traveled street into a residential area.

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