A small stretch of Shoshone Street in Twin Falls will be closing for much of September and October 2023.

Starting on Tuesday, September 11, 2023, get ready for a construction project that will be taking place on Shoshone Street, specifically the stretch between Sixth Avenue and the Rock Creek Bridge. If all goes as planned the project should be completed by October 13, 2023.

Traffic reduced to one lane on Shoshone between Sixth Ave and Rock Creek Bridge

Traffic on Shoshone Street won't be cut off completely but will be limited to one lane in each direction. If you take this route during heavier commute times, expect significant delays. On top of the construction, there's also a railroad crossing near this location, which might significantly add to delays.

According to the City of Twin Falls, "The contractor, Kloepfer Inc., will be excavating and reconstructing the full depth of the roadway." They're going beyond surface-level improvements – think of it as a complete overhaul.

Suggested alternate routes to avoid construction

So, how should you navigate this construction zone? Consider taking alternate routes if possible. If you've got a shortcut you've been keeping in your back pocket, now's the time to use it. And if you're worried about traffic jams, it's best to avoid this area altogether.

Depending on your destination, here are a couple of alternate routes you can consider:

Take Rose Street off of Washington to South Park Avenue

From Washington, a turn onto Rose Street near Franz Bakery will take you around the construction zone and you'll come out on South Park Ave. Travel on South Park to the light and you'll wind up on the south side of Rock Creek Bridge where Shoshone turns into Washington Street South.

Take South Blue Lakes Blvd and avoid that part of town altogether

Just remember that this part of Blue Lakes passes right through a school zone at 2nd Ave.  If you don't normally commute here, you'll want to be aware that a 20 mph speed limit is in effect while the school zone lights are flashing.

If all goes as expected, the construction should be completed around or before October 13, 2023.

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