Disclaimer: This story is no longer applicable as the information is from 2022. For Info on tree disposal in 2023 check our current story.

UPDATE 1/9/23: Due to an incorrect email address in the original story, some members of the community did not have their trees picked up by Southern Idaho Removal. This was on our part and not the fault of Southern Idaho Removal. They are a junk removal company from Twin Falls and offer this free tree collection as a thank you to the community. The tree collection has ended this year, the correct email address to use for tree collection next year is info@southernidahoremoval.com

If you still have your Christmas tree up, that's fantastic, embrace the Christmas spirit while it lasts. If you are looking for what to do with your Christmas tree now that it isn't in your house anymore, you can get rid of it for free.

Free Christmas Tree Removal Twin Falls

Free Christmas tree collection will take place in Twin Falls and Kimberly. Southern Idaho Removal is going to be going around collecting trees from driveways or your front yard. They will be going around Saturday, January 7th to collect them all.

How To Get Your Tree Removed For Free

First, you must make sure that the tree does not have any decorations and is no longer on a stand. Secondly, you need to email Southern Idaho Remove at info@southernidahoremoval.com with the subject line "Christmas Tree", add your full name and address and you will be on the list. Lastly, you must put it in your driveway or front yard so they can access it and you should cut the tree into smaller sections. It also must be a real Christmas tree, not a fake one.

Other Ways To Dispose Of Christmas Trees In Twin Falls

UPDATE: A previous version of the story had incorrect info on tree disposal. This is the updated information: You can cut up your old Christmas Tree into manageable-sized pieces for free pickup with your trash, but The City of Twin Falls and the Parks Department are not taking trees to be chipped and turned into mulch.

Do Not Burn Your Christmas Tree

It is important that you do not burn your tree. It can contribute to creosote buildup which can lead to a chimney fire. The sap from the tree is very dangerous. There can also be toxic gases released from the tree that can be suffocating, irritating, and corrosive. Not fun.

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