The Children's Museum of the Magic Valley is a non profit organization working on opening a facility for children and their parents to come and enjoy a learning atmosphere together. Although they are still a ways from opening, they have announced their new property.

The Children's Museum of the Magic Valley will be located at the empty lot on Idaho Street South and Third Avenue. And it appears that now that a location has been decided, they are one step closer to being able to focus on everything they need to get the doors open.

If you have spoken with anyone that is involved in the creation of this project you know these dedicated people love children and want a wonderful place for families to interact together while also being able to learn.

There is a Children's Museum in Boise and they are trying to model it somewhat after that. It is a place I wish I had when I was a kid because it looks like a blast. The big thing to note about the Children's Museum of the Magic Valley is it will not be a place to drop children off like a day care facility. This is a place for parents and children to interact together and have a fun time while also interacting with science, technology and learning together.

If you would like to donate you can always go to the Children's Museum of the Magic Valley's website.

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