It is time to name the best restaurant in Twin Falls, after rounds and round of voting, we are at the championship round!

The final two restaurants standing are The Anchor and Buffalo Cafe! Which one is going to be named the best restaurant in Twin Falls? At least this year and this bracket. We can always try again next year.

Huge shout out to the "Elite 8" Janitzios, La Fiesta, Buffalo Cafe, Abracadabras, Jakers, Texas Roadhouse, Scooters and Anchor! This has been a tough journey and not easy decisions. Thanks to everyone who took time to go through this with us. It has been a ton of fun.

The championship is not going to be easy. Buffalo Cafe and The Anchor have to be two of my favorite restaurants that I frequent. Honestly, I love every single restaurant in this bracket and the "Elite 8" are definitely places to go.

The top Mexican Restaurant was La Fiesta. The top named steakhouse was Texas Roadhouse. The top named diner was Buffalo Cafe and the top named bar and grill was the Anchor.

Now I need to find a few other categories of restaurants and see if there are some hidden gems that I completely missed. I know there are, it was hard not putting places like Idaho Pizza Co, Maxies or any of the food truck options in the area. There are just way too many amazing places to eat. Now I feel like I have to go around and eat at all these restaurants.

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