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Jerome Mother Feels Threatened In Local Grocery Store
Yesterday, a Jerome mother was purchasing a few things from a local grocery store. As she was checking out, two men began talking to her children. The mother didn't think this was extremely harmful until one of the men picked up her two year old daughter. The mother quickly grabbed her chi…
Cell Phones in Class
We can all agree that students can be easily distracted by their cell phones. Before we start point the finger, we need to realize where these students have learned their behaviors from. I am constantly distracted by my phone at work, at soccer practice, at the dinner table, etc. We are al…
5 Reasons We Hate The Time Change
Even if we gain an hour, most of us hate the time change. If you are one of the few people that doesn't mind the time change I'm impressed. I think we all depend on our internal clock. When our clock is thrown off, our whole world can feel off schedule.
What Are You Afraid Of?
Lots of people have fears. I know several people that won't walk across the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls because they are afraid of heights. Other people have no issues with heights but are afraid of spiders, or sharks, etc. I know several people that are afraid of clowns. Doctors and Scie…
Would You Share a Dessert with a Co-worker Off the Same Plate
An associate of mine was in town yesterday so I met him for lunch.  When it came time to order dessert, I passed but he said that I “just had to try” the apple crisp with ice cream.  Again, I declined.  He went ahead and ordered and asked the waitress to bring two spoons.
Say what?  Sharing off of a …
Addicting Food
I've come to the realization that I'm addicted to chicken tacos from a local Twin Falls restaurant. I eat at least one a week. I wish I could tell you they were healthy tacos but the tortillas are made with white flour, the chicken is smoother in cheese and the portion size is probably too…
Sliding Off Idaho Roads
Yesterday morning southern Idaho roads were a skating rink. We received at least a dozen reports of slides offs, rear-ends and accidents in Twin Falls.
New Company Policy
Every company offers their employee's sick days. Some company's even offer mental health days.
I use my sick days for when my kids are sick, and I would never have the nerve to call in and ask for a mental health day. I would however consider using a "I fought with my spouse last n…
$700 Million
Everyone is talking about the lottery and why would't they be. It's at an all time high. $800 MILLION is what you could win! This is the biggest lottery in jackpot history.
Twins Born on Different Days
Twin babies with different birthdays is not something that you hear of often. And twin babies that are born in different years is even more rare. One thing is for sure the twin babies born in San Diego will be confused about their birthdays for a while.

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