White Elephant gifts are a common tradition at Christmas parties. Over the years, white elephant gift exchanges have taken on different meanings. Some people see it as a small gift exchange (meaning no gifts over $10). Others think that white elephant gifts are re-gifted gifts. Some people think that white elephant gifts are meant to be thoughtful gifts. However, the most common type of white elephant gift is a gag gift.

Wikipedia describes a white elephant as a gift that is meant to entertain. These are the top 10 white elephant gifts:

  1. Fake Lottery Tickets
  2. Moose Mug from Christmas Vacation
  3. People Of Walmart Calendar
  4. Dirt Flavored Jelly Beans
  5. Emoji Pillows
  6. $10 in pennies
  7. Grumpy Cat T-shirt
  8. Unicorn Horn
  9. Random T-shirts From Thrift Stores
  10. Fake Candy

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