Multiple Fatalities: Train v Vehicle in Canyon County

The Idaho State Police are investigating a tragic accident that took place on April 13, 2024, around 8:20 A.M. This incident occurred near US20 at milepost 17, in Canyon County, near Notus, Idaho. The event involved a Chevrolet Silverado traveling along a private road intersecting a railroad crossing. Reports indicate that the vehicle did not yield at the crossing and was hit by an oncoming train.

Casualties and Immediate Response

Tragically, all occupants of the pickup truck perished due to injuries sustained in the collision. The victims, all residents of Nampa, included a 38-year-old male driver, a 36-year-old female who was wearing her seatbelt, and two juveniles. Emergency services pronounced them at the scene.

Ongoing Investigation

The Idaho State Police, in conjunction with the Canyon County Coroner's office, are diligently working on the case and notifying the families of the deceased. The investigation into the specifics of the collision continues, as authorities work to piece together the events leading up to the tragic accident.

Deadly Motorcycle v Vehicle Collision on US91 in Franklin County

The Idaho State Police are investigating a fatal two-vehicle accident that occurred on April 13, 2024, at 2:29 PM. The crash took place on US91 around mile marker 13 in Franklin County, near Preston, Idaho. Involved in the accident were a 2011 BMW X3 and a 2009 Yamaha motorcycle.

Circumstances of the Crash

Traveling northbound on US91, a 64-year-old female from Fruit Heights, Utah, was driving the BMW, accompanied by a 66-year-old male passenger. As the BMW was slowing to make a turn, it was struck by the Yamaha motorcycle, which was also heading northbound. The motorcycle was operated by a 60-year-old male from Preston.

Casualties and Current Status

The motorcyclist sustained fatal injuries and was declared dead at the scene. The occupants of the BMW, both the driver and the passenger, did not require hospital transportation following the incident. It remains unclear whether the occupants of the BMW were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the crash. The investigation is still active as authorities work to determine the full details of the collision.

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