Is Boise The Next Hollywood?
More and more filmmakers are finding that Boise is a great place to make movies. One of those filmmakers is set to release his film before the end of the year.
The Real Names Of Your Favorite Celebrities
This may come as a surprise to you - but sometimes celebrities don't use their real names. But I would never do that to you - my real name is Nate Bird. There is a pretty long list of stars in Hollywood though who have fooled us for years. Here are the real names of your favorite celebrities.
Did Angelina Jolie look to Skinny Last Night At The Oscars? [POLL]
I tend to like Angelina Jolie, but last night I couldn't help but think she needed to eat a few cheeseburgers and put her leg back in her dress while speaking. Maybe I just don't understand Hollywood and she is what they consider average weight or maybe I am jealous because, how in the wor…