Dispatchers have to deal with many different kinds of situations. Some calls are serious, but a few lighten the load.

Why do tourons in national parks get all the fame? Maybe people in Idaho want to be known too. It is good to know that Idaho can compete on a national scale along with the famous tourons of Yellowstone. There are moments that make Idaho shine with pride at our own stupid people. Thanks to Boise Dispatch, there’s proof.

Boise Dispatch Featured on Yellowstone Invasion of the Idiots Social Media Page

We are so honored, as a state, to lay claim to this moment and hold this post as proof that Idaho people have as much potential as tourons in Yellowstone.

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

Perhaps we can even someday have a plethora of signs proving how dumb people have been. So dumb, we had to display this stupid sign.

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If you are going to leave your vehicle to be safe from cougars, take pepper spray with you. Flashlights and appropriate clothing for the weather are advisable. Perhaps leave the phone so the police can triangulate your car’s position. Cougars may approach vehicles on occasion.

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

It is a growing concern in Idaho. We should not mock. Cougars on the hunt on roadways are a real thing. Beware, they can open car doors on their own. Some have even been known to drive. Proceed through Idaho with knowledge and caution.

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