There are easily hundreds of restaurants scattered across Southern Idaho. Some are popular brands known across the world, others are local joints, and there are probably a few that are not exactly good but the only option in that area. So, how does one sift through the hype and popularity to find a restaurant that is actually good? It's easy to go to a big national chain and assume you're getting good food. On the flip side you can roll the dice at a local establishment and hope you don't get a sad surprise or sickness with your order. That's the hard part, I've been to local restaurants that were exponentially better than national food chains.

If you trust the opinions of regular people, you can jump online to see actual reviews of local restaurants. I recently did that to see what the best rated restaurants are around Twin Falls, and I was surprised. Online reviews for the best rated restaurants in Twin Falls is really a list of hidden gems. I guess that's perfect for the Gem State. I checked on Yelp, Trip Advisor, and even on Lyft to see where people were having drivers take them for food.

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I think Yelp shows the best representation of a local's opinion of Twin Falls Restaurants. The top rated restaurants are Emma's Cafe on Blue Lakes (which I've never actually heard of), Buffalo Cafe on 4th Ave W., and Scooter's in downtown. Scooter's is a personal favorite restaurant and I've heard numerous mentions of Buffalo Cafe.

Trip Advisor has more of the variety I would expect to see in a popularity list. Milner's Gate and Elevation 486 top off the list with Buffalo Cafe making the top three again. Jaker's, Idaho Joe's, Scooter's, and La Fiesta also make the list of the best in Twin Falls.

The Lyft options are exactly what I would expect to see on a visitor's list of places they went. Jaker's tops the list followed by Yellow Brick Cafe, Applebee's, and Johnny Carino's.

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