It may be the bane of the driving experience, merging. When does it ever go smoothly? Just when you think traffic is flowing at a decent pace, a trail of brake lights shines brightly in front of you while trying to get onto the freeway, or through a construction zone. It’s going to be one of THOSE commutes.

Will a Zipper Tactic Solve the Idaho Merge Headache?

Zipper merging is not a new concept. Following the speed limit and slowing down when the signage says to do so will naturally slow traffic enough for a seamless merge. Aggressive drivers who lane hop and speed cause serious problems, as do people who think they are being responsible and merging early but don’t let other drivers merge in later.

In construction zones, the zipper merge is preferred to merging early. Merging early causes the lane staying open to slow down even more than the posted speed limit. Then, drivers fly up the merging lane going over the speed limit and try to cut in. This causes aggravation to all the drivers in the slower lane. If every driver just keeps the pace up to the end of the merging lane and leaves space for 1 car, the process would fix itself. Utopian philosophy, to be sure.

If there is traffic trying to merge onto the freeway, be thoughtful. Drivers entering the highway are trying to get up to speed and get in. Don’t try to speed up to the car in front of you to choke them out. Keep pace so the merging vehicle can roll right in. If possible, you can even move a lane over to give the new car some room. Courteous drivers equal a continual flow of traffic. Fanciful thoughts of a pie-in-the-sky dream world of traffic perfection, I know.

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Road rage is never worth it. The stress isn’t worth it. Take a breath and realize everyone else just wants to keep moving as well. Can’t we all just drive along?

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