Some movies and songs are etched in our brains from our childhood that stick with us for our entire lives. There are certain shows, songs, and movies we grow up watching and hearing that make us smile and we drop everything to listen to or watch. Some songs and stories are said to be as old as time. Anyone that has grown up watching Disney, knows that they have some of the most iconic movies and songs that make us all sing along and watch over and over. They have expanded into live-action movies and before that many of these classics took over Broadway. One such classic is set to be performed in the Magic Valley starting this month.

Beauty and the Beast in the Magic Valley

Credit: Kadyn Pierce on Unsplash
Credit: Kadyn Pierce on Unsplash

The classic musical 'Beauty and the Beast' is coming to Burley from February 23 through March 5. It will be performed at the King Fine Art Center located at 1 Bobcat Boulevard in Burley. Tickets go on sale Wednesday, February 16 with kids 11 and under costing $12 plus fees and adults costing $18 plus fees. While the show will start on a Wednesday, it will follow that up with a performance on Friday and Saturday. The next show will be on Monday with the last two shows concluding on Friday and Saturday. All showtimes will begin at 7:30 PM with the show ending around 9:30 PM. 

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You may never have a chance to get to Broadway in New York City, but you can have a little bit of Broadway come to you in Idaho. Anyone that has ever grown up enjoying the Disney classic will want to head out to this show. It will be a great time for the whole family and you will find yourself singing along with the classic songs. 'Be Our Guest' and enjoy a tale as old as time as you enjoy 'The Beauty and the Beast' when it comes to Burley. 

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