Even though it is uncertain exactly how students will be getting back to school, school will still be underway. And there will be plenty of students that are in need of school supplies.

The Barbershop at Gehrig Dale and Co is hosting a backpack drive and school supply drive through August 21st. Right now if you want to help get school supplies to kids in need you can drop them off at the barber shop at 537 Main Ave E in Downtown Twin Falls.

In the past those school supplied have been given to various districts around the Magic Valley. The supplies will be donated to the school districts directly to distribute as needed. Last year they helped Kimberly, Hansen, Clove and Twin Falls.

The barbershop said they are challenging other businesses to donate to help the community and the students that need help. Right now it may be even more difficult for parents to get supplies for their kids. The Coronavirus has caused many people to lose their jobs and school supplies are pretty expensive. I don't have children but I remember my parents struggling getting enough supplies for all four of us kids growing up.

So if you or a business would like to donate some school supplies you can go and drop them off at the barbershop and help some kids and teachers this upcoming school year.

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