On Sunday September 24, 2017, at approximately 12:30 am, the Caldwell Police Department contacted the Twin Falls City Communication Center and informed dispatch they arrested an individual in Canyon County that fit the description of the man connected to the silver vehicle attempting to entice young children in Twin Falls.

 (tfid.org) Those charges were unrelated to the enticement investigation in Twin Falls.  Twin Falls City Dispatchers immediately passed the information to the shift Sergeant, who immediately activated Twin Falls Police Department Detectives. Detectives went to Caldwell and were able to develop sufficient evidence to arrest Chad L. McLean (09/06/1976) of Caldwell with 3 counts of attempted sexual abuse of a minor child under the age of 16. McLean remains in the custody of Canyon County on a $500,000 bond for Twin Falls charges, awaiting extradition.

The Twin Falls Police Department would like to thank the Caldwell Police Department for looking beyond their own community to make Idaho a safer place to live and raise families.  Lt. Terry Thueson said, “We are proud of the communication that took place in this investigation both within our organization as well as with external law enforcement partners.  We are very appreciative of the Caldwell Police Department and their awareness of events outside their own jurisdiction.  Their outstanding police work helped our detective close out a significant case with an arrest that will make our community a safer place to live.”

The Twin Falls Police Department wants to remind parents to continue to talk with your children about safety and avoiding strangers.  Please encourage your children to report anything that seems suspicious or makes them feel uncomfortable.  Remember, if you see something, say something.

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