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A year ago I had a cat suddenly get very sleepy.  More so than usual!  For two and a half days I didn’t see him eat.  As I was getting ready for a trip to the veterinarian he suddenly sprang up and was his usual playful self.  He also likes to climb atop the refrigerator and then loudly meow.  Sometimes he meows when in his litter box.

A cat here at the office will sometimes alternate between meowing and hissing when I’m feeding him.

Five years ago I wasn’t a cat guy.  Then the boss gave me one.  Then I started feeding the strays at the radio station.  Very slowly I started picking up on their attempts to communicate.  One here at the office rolls in dirt and meows when I walk out of the building.  One day she wrapped herself around my right ankle.  I was wearing shorts and shoes without socks.  She had a good grip.  I now always wear socks.

There are plenty of people giving animal advice online.  Much of it redundant.  It differs from the conventional wisdom I heard as a boy.  A friend of my mother told me cats were clean animals.  I beg to differ.  If I spit all over myself instead of showering, people wouldn’t get near me.  Especially after one week!

This morning I came across this site and it promises to help us understand when and why your cat could be feeling under the weather.  I’m sure the writer also wants you to buy something but if the advice is good, I’ll listen.

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