I have tried doing the Keto diet where you basically don't eat carbs or sugar. Sounds pretty hard but effective. It can make it hard when you have to give up your favorite foods. With this place, you may not have to give it all up.

My Lazy Keto Kitchen is located at 113 Main Street in Kimberly. I hadn't heard much about it until recently when people started raving about it all over my Facebook feed.

They are technically a health food store and they have desserts and breads that are keto lifestyle friendly. They look absolutely amazing.

I didn't know you could have pizza that didn't have carbs, but they have found a keto friendly pizza. Apparently they make a pretty great jalapeno cheese bread that's base can also be used for pizza.

The desserts look pretty great too. As long as I don't have to give up chocolate I can do almost anything. They have keto friendly chocolate and other desserts.

Check out their Facebook page because it looks like a place I might have to check out.

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