Is using a voice assistant on your smartphone dangerous while you're driving?

I will admit that sometimes, I'm not the safest person on the road. I'm usually handing snacks back and fourth from the back seat, opening juice boxes and arguing with Siri. Scary, right?

According to Yahoo / AAA and the University of Utah, using Siri or other voice-command programs while driving can actually be really dangerous.

Basically, the voice-command systems that are supposed to make using technology in your car less distracting can backfire. It's because they tend to misinterpret what you say.

We have all had a voice command go terribly wrong and before we realize it we are more in gauged with our phones than our vehicles while we are driving.

The researchers graded different activities in your car on a distraction scale of one to five.  And according to them, listening to the RADIO is a category one... no distraction.  But it increases if you listen to emails over your phone, or if you try to dictate a text.

Then it increases to a three or four if you try to TALK to a computer generated voice. And the most distracting one to interact with overall is... Siri.   

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