Idahoans love their guns and Idaho has some pretty lack gun laws. But, we don't see any stories like this around the state. A Nevada Sheriff left her gun in a public bathroom.

Could you imagine if something like this happened in Idaho? Everyone makes mistakes. I have left sunglasses, cell phones, purses just to name a few, in a bathroom. According to her, she was not wearing a gun belt, left her gun on a cabinet in the stall, got a phone call and accidentally left without her gun. Later, an employee of the establishment she was at, which was a casino and restaurant, found the gun and secured it.

The Sheriff addressed it and was honest about the incident. What would you do if this happened in Idaho? What do you think should happen?

Idaho is full of gun owners and this is only a one area incident, but should a Sheriff be held to a higher standard? What do you think?

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