Last week I took my son Jack to his cousin's birthday party. I was amazed to find a TV/VCR combo that was actually still in use there. I don't have anything against VHS personally, other than it's a horribly antiquated format, but it made me think.

At our house, we don't even have a DVD player, let alone a VCR. We have two digital streaming Roku using Netflix, Hulu, and a media server running Plex. Who needs DVDs anymore?

Netflix, in what I can only imagine is a last ditch effort to revive the use of optical media, purchased the domain name It seems they are planning on either spinning off the DVD portion of the service again, or some sort of marketing blitz using the new, easy URL.

I think it's too little, too late. I don't use DVDs, and the deaths of Blockbuster and Hollywood Video here in Twin Falls makes me think that you aren't using them either.

But I could so easily be wrong. I actually found a working VCR!

What do you think? Are DVDs going the way of VCRs, 8-Tracks, Records, and cassettes, or do they still have some life in them?