I believe that moms are busier than they have ever been. To make life a little easier we are using technology to our advantage and I have to admit my apps help me get through my busiest mom days.

Here are the most common used Apps:

  1. Living Social - Perfect for finding sweet deals for date night or family night.
  2. Bump - This app allows you to bump your iPhone with other iPhones to exchange contact information. It works great for getting information from other moms, doctors, cheer coaches, etc.
  3. All recipes - I use this one all the time. You find your recipe while your at the store and then find the needed ingredients. It saves time and makes your husband think you spent a ton of extra time finding something new to fix for dinner.
  4. Zulily - This app is kind of hit and miss, but if you like a good deal it is worth checking out. They have the cutest clothes at half off or more. This app, not only saves you money, but will keep you entertained while you are at karate or the doctors office.

What apps do you use on a daily basis?