I was reading about the new features to expect in Apple's new iOS 8. In the comments below the article there were a glut of Apple bashing comments, and I couldn't help but wonder if it really mattered at all?

Most smartphones have similar hardware, battery life, screen size, and similar multi-touch swipe tap drag pinch rotate software. Does it really matter if the software was designed by Apple or Google or Windows?

I don't think so.

Apple vs Android. Nike vs Converse. Mac vs PC. Coke vs Pepsi... we have all of these brands vying for our hard-earned money in our day to day lives. It's capitalism in action: we have a choice in what we wear, eat, drink, watch, and run on our smartphones.

I personally have an iPhone, but a Windows-based laptop. I stay with iPhones because I like how they work, and I have spent a ton of money in the iTunes store over the years and I don't really want to buy all those apps, songs, movies, and tv shows again for a new phone.

But I have seen some Android phones that have knocked my socks off lately! Dig that Galaxy Note with the curved screen!

All smartphone operating systems have the same basic core functions. They do the same things... but in slightly different ways. They all have voice-operated assistants that work with varying degrees of success. They all connect to Facebook, your email, and your friends and family in similar ways. Most 3rd party apps are available for both operating systems, and work the same way. Why does it matter if you pick an iPhone or a Galaxy Note?

Short answer: it really doesn't. Are you happy with your smartphone? If so, that's all that matters. Let everyone else be happy with theirs as well.

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