The Huffington Post reported that last Thursday night, 11-year-old Nick Smith and his family were at a celebrity hockey game in Faribault, Minnesota.  And Nick won a raffle that gave him one hockey shot to win a HUGE prize.

If he could shoot a puck from center ice through a three-and-a-half inch cutout 89 feet away, he'd win $50,000.  The puck itself is three inches wide, so the shot is almost impossible.

But when Nick's name was announced, he was out of the arena.  So his identical twin brother Nate went down to the ice and took the shot...and he made it!

The crowd went insane.

But the next day, Nick and Nate's father, Pat Smith, saw this as a teaching moment.  So he called the game's organizers and told them his sons had done the twin switch.

Now, the insurance company behind the contest is going to decide whether the Smiths can get the money.

What do you think? Should the father have told the insurance company that his son who actually made the shoot was not the son on the ticket?