Every time it snows it is inevitable across social media people are asking each other how road conditions are. Here are all the options you have to check on them if you want to see for yourself.

Sure social media is a great way to pass on information and road conditions. If people have already driven through you will know their experience. The biggest issue is that everything changes within 5 minutes in Idaho. For current information you have some other options available.

  • You can call 511 or 1-888-432-7623
  • you can go to 511.idaho.gov and get updates through that.
  • 511 also has an app you can download and check weather conditions and road conditions straight from your cell phone.
  • You can check cameras here, and look for the area you want to see. See first hand what the roads actually look like.
  • Truck restrictions can also be found here.
  • There is even a priority list that shows what roads get plowed in what order and when. This is always helpful.
  • Check your local media outlets, a lot of the time they have road conditions posted and if there is anything closed.

If you are unsatisfied with road conditions after all of this, you can also see who is responsible for the road conditions.



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