Can you imagine if you had the same name as Charles Manson, OJ Simpson, or Casey Anthony. It would be terrible on so many different levels.

NBC 10 - Philadelphia report there's a 43-year-old black guy in Darby, Pennsylvania who's absorbing far, far more than his share of the grief targeted at CASEY ANTHONY.  The reason?  His name ALSO happens to be Casey Anthony.

According to this Casey, the day when the female Casey was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter, his life, quote, "went crazy."

Strangers flooded to his Facebook page.  Hundreds of people posted furious messages on his wall.  Quote, "They were making comments about the verdict, who am I to take a child's life?"

That's right.  These people knew Casey Anthony was acquitted . . . but apparently, didn't realize she's a 25-year-old woman in Florida and not a 43-year-old man in Pennsylvania.  So they just went off.

And, because male Casey hadn't set his Facebook page to private . . . and had his phone number on there . . . he was also flooded with furious calls.

He's also worried that the Casey Anthony verdict is going to haunt his family forever . . . because he's from the GEORGE FOREMAN school of child naming, and both of his sons are also named Casey Anthony. Poor family!

If your name was Casey Anthony...would you change your name?