If you're part of an office pool where you buy lottery tickets every week . . . with the dream that you'll win and won't have to be coworkers anymore . . . here's some bad news.

What happened to these people in California will NEVER, EVER happen to you.

According to ABC 7 - Los Angeles, 16 school employees won a $12 MILLION SuperLotto jackpot.  They all work at Bandini Elementary School in Commerce, California.

Not all of them quit their jobs . . . most of them were doing clerical work . . . and they even used some of their winnings to buy a new sound system for their school.

That good karma paid off.  Because they just won their second lottery in less than a year.

This week, the group of 16 cashed in a prize from the December 2nd MegaMillions jackpot.  They didn't win the grand prize, but they did take down $262,743 more.  And again, they'll make a donation to the school.

The two combined jackpots work out to more than $750,000 per person, before taxes.  The workers say they're going to keep playing the lottery.

I can't even win once, let alone twice!