Contrary to what my parents may think - I did learn a few things as a kid that have stuck with me over the years. Even though times have changed and it seems most of what I was taught is now wrong (just kidding mom - you will always be right). Here's a list of 7 things that used to be taboo but are now totally acceptable in society. I don't agree with all of these, but this is what made the list.

  1. Living together before marriage.
  2. Calling someone after 9:00 P.M.  You used to wake up the whole house (or knock somebody off the internet) if you called late, but now everybody has a cell phone.
  3. Using your real name on the Internet.  We used to be afraid of using any eal information on the interwebs, then Facebook came along and basically forced it on us (and you're a weirdo now if you don't do it now).
  4. Not responding to invitations.  When you got an invitation in the mail it was incredibly rude not to RSVP.  Now, with all the digital invitations, people rarely feel like they have to respond. Which kind of makes sense when you get that Facebook invite that also went out to 300 other people - I don't respond either.
  5. Men staying at home while the wife goes to work.
  6. Being a nerd.  Now if you are a nerd, you aren't really a nerd, you are awesome.
  7. Online dating.  There used to be a stigma that you were desperate if you dated someone from the Internet. Now it's responsible for 1/3 of marriages.

Can you think of anything else that used to be frowned upon, but is now normal?

Via Reddit

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