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It is getting colder and colder. Chances are if you are cold, they might be as well. That being said, plenty of dogs don't need any extra help staying warm. If you have a dog that gets cold, these are must haves to keep them warm.


  • 1

    Paw Booties

    Amazon has these waterproof boots for all size dogs. Dogs paws can tend to get dried out, cracked and even bleed during the winter with snow and water. Some ice melt can even burn their paws. These covers will prevent that.

  • 2

    Dog House Heater

    This may not be necessary if your dogs aren't outside in their dog house for long periods of time. If they do have to stay outside there is a nice furnace for dog homes that is sure to keep your pup nice and warm.

  • 3

    Ear Muffs

    Your dog may hate your for this, but their ears will love you. They have them available for all sizes of dogs and all size ears. And you can make them look like an adorable giraffe, or whatever you're into.

  • 4

    Heating Pad

    I have wood floors and I also have a heating pad. My wood flooring in one room isn't insulated so it gets pretty chilly. This is a great way to keep your pup off the couch and on the floor. It is even adjustable and waterproof.

  • 5

    Dog Sweaters

    Again, your dog might hate you for this one but it will be good for them if they are short hair and need some extra insulation. Plus, they are super cute. How can you say no to that.

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