The age old question: What do you want to eat? It's been plaguing relationships for centuries. Stereotypically it's the woman who is indecisive about food preference yet somehow manages to veto every suggestion her partner makes. But then there are couples where neither person knows what they want and argue endlessly until you're both annoyed and decide the thing every Hispanic mother dreams of hearing: We have food at home.

To remedy this, here are five restaurants picked at random for you to try whenever you just want to pick a place without thinking. There is no rhyme or reason here. Not "best mexican food" or "Top pizza places." Just a small collection of places that have good Yelp reviews.

Mo' Bettah's Hawaiian Style Food (Meridian)

Top Review: Food here is amazing! The mac salad and katsu chicken are to die for. And prices are very decent for the amount of food you get. You won't leave hungry.  It is definitely our go to. Plus everyone that works here is in a great mood whenever we come in. Love me some Mo' Bettahs. -Mike K.

Burnt Lemon Grill (Meridian)

Top Review: Tried out BLG for the first time, and we were not disappointed! The menu is extensive, we ended up getting burgers. My hubby got the belly buster, 3 patties on it so be prepared! He couldn't finish it, it was HUGE! I got the BCMG. Both were delish! I got the tots, he got fries. In the future I will be getting the fries, they were so good!
Oh, and the lemonade...TO. DIE. FOR.! You can't come to Burnt Lemon Grill and not get a lemonade. They have at least 10 flavors you can add to it, I got the huckleberry and hubby got regular. Both were amazing!
Can't wait to come back, we literally want to try everything on the menu! -Jamie B.

Han's Chimaek (Boise)

Top Review: Han's Chimaek is always great! The chicken is juicy and maintains its crispiness even with the delicious sauce. All the sauces are good, and there is even a tofu option that comes with rice for those who don't eat meat. Every time we go the menu seems to expand a little bit and it's exciting to see what they will have
next. -Jasmine J.

Alyonka Russian Cuisine (Boise)

Top Review: This place is incredible! 5 stars hands down. The owner was there in the kitchen cooking authentic Russian food. Sweet vibe in the restaurant as well. Service was great and they explained everything. Eat there, you won't be disappointed...I thought I was in a foreign country for 1 hour. Food was so different, fresh and
amazing. -Tyler B.

Huck House Brunchette (Garden City)

Top Review: The portions are massive, the menu is so well thought out (and makes usual breakfast spots look basic), and I loved all the little touches around the restaurant. Very idahomy. Think copper silverware and mason jars for glasses...Their "adulting" mimosa and bloody menu is also way beyond your typical fare with lots of fun and tasty options. -Whitney S.

So next time the argument comes up, pull up this list and don't ever say never did anything for you. Hahahaha!

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