If you are looking for something potentially different to try this summer, we might have a few ideas for you.

1.) Head to Stanley, ID for a weekend. There is a lot of camping, fishing and hiking to do. But, there is also Custer Ghost Town where you can have an idea of what it was like in the 19th century for this potential town.

2.) Check out Leadore, ID. Admittedly, I had to google this place, but there are some interesting things there. Another ghost town is there called Gilmore Ghost Town where a few structures are barely standing from this silver mining town. You can also check out Birch Creek Charcoal Kilns while you are there.

3.) Go to Cleo's Ferry Museum and Nature Trail in Melba. The property has tame peacocks and it is a beautiful adventure trail with an interesting history.

4.) Take a Snake River white water rafting day trip. This particular one starts in Hagerman, but there are several ways to raft the Snake River.

5.) Head to Phantom Falls. I know it sounds a little bit of an obvious one, but I know a lot of people who still haven't found them. The hike is supposed to be a beautiful and the falls surprisingly tall. If you can find it, it could be a fun little adventure.

If you are still looking for some ideas, there are a lot of options here.

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