This winter has been pretty mild in Southern Idaho. We've had snow, but not enough to really cause issues in the city and minimal school closures have been reported. Roads were slick this morning after a few inches of snow dropped overnight. Otherwise, the season has been forgettable. That wasn't the case three years ago when the Magic Valley had so much snow dumped on it that schools and businesses closed down and people were afraid to leave their houses for fear of getting stuck and stranded in the snow. That snowfall, often referred to as Snowmageddon or Snowpocalypse, caused massive flooding as rain fell and temperatures rose over the next few days. Not everything about the winter of 2017 was horrible though as it also showed us that there are still kind people in our community who braved the dangerous roads to help their neighbors.

That winter also brought us some of the most beautiful hoarfrost I've ever seen.

People also proved that despite the amount of snow that fell and the gloomy situation facing most of the area, you can still have fun after a winter storm. Some had fun making redneck snowplows from pallets. Plus, I still have never seen this much snow piled up in one persons yard like the one in Twin Falls after the Snowpocalypse was done.

I hope we continue to have a mild winter with enough snow to look pretty and help fill the reserves for farmers in the valley, other than that I'm ready for summer and sunshine.

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