As we get closer to Halloween, it seems like I'm looking for spooky themes and scary things where they wouldn't normally be. My mom is in town and we were talking about some of the weird names of towns in Idaho and I realized that Idaho has some scary-sounding places.

Since the list below is based on how my mind works, some of the scary town names may seem like a stretch so I'll do my best to share why they sound spooky to me.

The Scariest Sounding Towns In Idaho

Bone: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Bones are creepy and make me think of spooky scary skeletons.

Yellow Jacket: This old gold mining town sounds scary because I hate Yellow Jackets, Wasps, and Hornets.

Rocky Bar: The word 'rocky' brings to my mind a dangerous location where zombies are waiting for an ambush.

Sawtooth City: Sawtooth was actually the word that got me talking with my mom about the weird Idaho names. Really, if you think about it, Sawtooth is scary sounding and would make a great name for a bad guy in a movie.

Blackfoot: Normally I'd question the name of this town for other reasons, but approaching Halloween it makes me think of a rotting foot you'd find after zombies ate a body.

Spirit Lake: Spirits coming out of a lake sounds like a nightmare to me.

Priest River: This town needs a priest to exorcise its river.

Horseshoe Bend: I've learned from many years of watching movies that if a city name has the word 'bend' in it, you're going to have a bad time.

Clark Fork: The word 'fork' is the same as 'bend' as far as you want to avoid them in dangerous situations. Forks in the road and dinner forks.

Atomic City: Sounds like the city where monsters are accidentally created in a science experiment gone wrong.

Rathdrum: Rathdrum sounds like the name of a bad guy in a movie who you think might be a good guy but always acts really creepy and sus.

Council: Whenever there is a council in a horror it's never a good thing.

Winchester: I think of guns and the creepy haunted Winchester mansion.

Heyburn: This one is kind of a stretch, but if you think about hay burning and the Frankenstein monster...that's where my mind went.

Moscow: Sure, we pronounce it differently but I think of Russians and they are always the bad guys in shows.

Chubbuck: Chubbuck just sounds gross and creepy.

Albion: This is a town that doesn't sound too creepy from the name, but knowing that there are haunted mansions there automatically makes the place spooky.

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