We love living here. In fact, we love living here so much if you ask anyone, we are full and there is no room for anyone else. But, if you are going to move here, there are some things you need to know.


  • 1

    People aren't in a rush

    Be ready to drive slow. Whether it is on Blue Lakes because no one drives the speed limit or you get stuck behind a tractor, you have to be ready to drive slow.

  • 2

    You better like the outdoors

    Some people like to say that there is nothing to do here. Well, if you only want to go to clubs and high end restaurants then yes, there isn't a ton to do here. There are tons of places to hike, fish, camp, hunt, ski, snowboard, sled, whatever your outdoor desire.

  • 3

    We wave to strangers

    This was hard for me to get used to at first. People you don't know will just start waving at you and strike up a conversation. They are just that friendly.

  • 4

    We don't like change

    Now let me elaborate. Things are changing all the time here. What we don't like is when someone comes here and starts trying to make changes to how we do things because that is "how they did it where they are from". This is Twin Falls, we do things our own way.

  • 5

    We love our guns

    Pretty much everyone can conceal carry in Idaho. We love guns, pretty much everyone has a gun, in fact, they probably have several on them at one time.

  • 6

    Weather is weird

    One day it is cold and there are 45 mph winds. The next day it could be sunny and 75, and the day after that we could get two inches of snow. You just never know.

  • 7

    Renting sucks

    Finding a rental is tough right now. If you have pets, you might as well do your best to buy. And be prepared to pay a little bit for that apartment.

  • 8

    Buy a truck

    It is incredibly helpful. You can get anywhere you need to go in a truck. Driving through the mountains in a Kia is tough and trucks are also super helpful during the winter.

  • 9

    We jump off bridges

    People come from all over the world to jump off the Perrine Bridge. The first time I came here I saw someone jump off and I thought I witnessed a suicide. Nope, just thrill seekers.

  • 10

    There are some funny smells

    There are some factories, dairies and just strange smells here. We don't exactly know what all of them are, but we do know most of them. It's fine.

  • 11

    Roads are weird

    Our roads are a little strange. We have a couple of five-point intersections you have to navigate. Downtown is a lot of one-way streets and don't even get us started about the lines on Shoshone. We don't know which one to follow either.

  • 12

    Commute times are all over the place

    Commute times are different. You can pretty much get anywhere in Twin Falls within 10 minutes but people have no problem driving four hours one way for a day trip. Be ready to put on some miles.

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