Occasionally, my wife and I will leave for vacation and become enamored with some new place that might be a little bigger, or it might have a little more water, or the weather might seem a little less erratic. And sometimes, for a split second, we might think of what it might be like to live elsewhere. But every single time we might be tempted if only for a second, we remind ourselves how much we miss home. There's no place I'd rather be than in Twin Falls.

I'm thrilled to have called Twin Falls home for most of my life. And for those who say there's not enough to do around here, I beg to differ. You either don't like to leave your house, or you're overlooking what's right in front of you.

Growing up in Twin Falls was nothing short of stellar. Here are some places that I remember growing up in Twin Falls, Idaho a blast. I hope you enjoy these and leave a comment about some of the places and businesses that made your life in the Twin Fall area memorable.

12 Twin Falls Businesses That Made Growing Up in Twin Falls Awesome

Twin Falls is a dang fine place to live in any generation. And while the 80's lacked the cutting edge tech that keeps us occupied today, there was no shortage of fun thanks in part to these businesses that made growing up in Twin awesome.

What am I missing? Be sure to comment and let me know some of the places that made growing up in Twin Falls awesome.

Old Pole Line Photos Show Crazy Fast 13-Year Development

These 2008 pics of Pole Line Road in Twin Falls compared to now demonstrate the crazy fast development over the last 13 years.


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