Whether you're new to Twin Falls, Idaho or a lifelong resident, it's safe to say that most people would consider Twin Falls a safe place to live. While those of us who've lived here for a long time can attest to an uptick in crime as the area has grown, I think most would consider Twin Falls a safe place to live and raise a family, even in what data suggests are the more dangerous areas of Twin.

Neighborhood Scout compiles crime data provided annually by the FBI, and tracks metrics like property and violent crimes relative to population. We'll give you a link to the entire report below if you want to dig deeper. In the meantime, here's an overview Twin Falls neighborhoods with the least amount of reported crime.

A quick note about the neighborhood divisions

Some of the geography is divided in way that's counterintuitive to how Twin Falls residents might divide the neighborhoods. While it doesn't make the data less accurate, some of the areas might seem oddly defined to someone who's lived in Twin Falls for a minute or two.

#5 North Twin Falls

The north side of Twin Falls, including neighborhoods surrounding Canyon Ridge High School. There's a little bit of newer neighborhoods in this area, just south of the hospital, but many of the neighborhoods off Falls and Ridgeway are well established.


#4 North West Twin Falls to Curry

The geography here is pretty large and includes both newer and more established neighborhoods. Here, the Settlers area towards the canyon is combined with some of the new neighborhoods west of Grandview and into rural west communities out to Curry.


#3 Cascade Park

This area consists of mostly established neighbhoordns in Central Twin Falls with the exception of some newer developments as you head east toward Hankins.


#2 Northeast Twin Falls

The northeast end of Twin Falls contains a lot of newer developments, including The Preserve as well as mix of established neighborhoods and newer construction as you head towards Shoshone Falls.


#1 - South of Twin Falls

The rural area to the south of Twin Falls metro is the area with the least amount of theft and crime reported. While there are several neighborhoods south of Twin Falls with close neighbors, much of this area isn't as densely populated, often with acres or miles between you and your neighbor. There's something to be said for living in the country.

Safety is relative

What you consider safe is relative to what you're used to. Twin Falls isn't as safe today as it was in the 80's, just as the 80's weren't as safe as the 50's. If you grew up in Twin in an era when you could leave your door unlocked, (at least during day) that's probably no longer the case. But if you come from a lager metro with high crime, you might be amazed by the amount of people going about their day without giving a second thought to safety. In either case, I wouldn't think twice about walking around any neighborhood in Twin Falls, even those with relatively higher crime rates.

You can see a more in-depth breakdown of the numbers on the Neighborhood Scout website. 

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