Idaho has been getting a lot of national attention with the case of the missing Rexburg kids, Tylee and JJ. Despite the popularity of their story, they are just a small fraction of the children who go missing every day. Sometimes they run away, are abducted, hurt, or just hiding. Thankfully, there are instances where they are found quickly and safely. There have been dozens this year in Idaho alone and many of them have been found safe. But, there are still 11 kids who have gone missing in Idaho since the start of 2020 and are still missing. We don't know how or why these kids went missing, but even if they were runaways, you should still contact police if you see them because a loved one likely reported them missing and wants to know they are safe.

You can see pictures and other information that may be helpful in finding these missing kids on the ISP website.

If you have any information regarding these missing kids please contact local authorities or the numbers provided in their missing profiles.

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