When I first moved here, I mispronounced so many town names it was ridiculous. I am sure I still mispronounce a ton and some town names are so strange you can't even believe they are real. Here are some town names that make newbies to the area scratch their heads.

  • 1


    Yes, that is a real town name. Did someone step in.... never mind.

  • 2


    It is just a strange sounding name. Like a mix of a hiccup and a sneeze.

  • 3


    This is only on the list because so many people pronounce it wrong. Pretend the K is a Q and that's really how it is pronounced.

  • 4


    I have heard people slip up and call it Ketchup. Now that is funny.

  • 5


    You think you pronounce it "Wiser" but really it is pronounced "weezer"

  • 6


    Don't say it too fast or people might think you are insulting them.

  • 7


    It sounds like you don't want to live there because it stinks.

  • 8


    I still can never pronounce this place right.

  • 9


    I hear it was named after a person. That is both an unfortunate name for a man and a town.

  • 10


    Hmmm, I wonder how this place got it's name.

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