Women are More Likely to Have Tattoos Than Men?
Tattoos are fully mainstream now . . . according to the most recent study, 21% of Americans have at least one.  A new survey found more stats, all of which back up the idea that tattoos aren't for 300-pound bikers and rock gods anymore . . .
Women are more likely than men to have a tattoo.&…
Do You Love Your Women’s Dog As Much As She Does? [POLL]
Here's a little dating advice.  If you're not a dog person, and you're thinking about dating a women with a dog . . . don't bother.
According to a new study from LiveScience out of the University of Houston, a huge key to a good relationship is when the man loves the woman&ap…
Men Shaving Their Legs
I know some women who choose not to shave their legs but I didn't know that a lot of men are started to shave their legs. A survey in Bicycling.com magazine, which clearly serves a very hardcore niche.  But still . . . come on.
Who Takes Longer to Get Ready, Men or Women?
My husband is always gripping about how long it takes me to get ready to go anywhere but I swear I am always waiting in the car for him. I finally found an article to put this big debate to rest.

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