My husband and I seem to bicker about lots of small things while in the car together. We seem to argue about everything from snacks, the heater, music and one of the biggest things is where to park. Men are actually right about one thing. THEY REMEMBER WHERE TO PARK BETTER THAN WOMEN.

  • According to NBC News, Men and women rely on different strategies to find their car in a crowded parking lot
  • A Dutch study has found that men tended to use more mileage terms when describing the route to their parked car while women were more likely to mention visible landmarks
  • 38% of women referred to landmarks when describing where they parked compared to 15%
  • Researchers interviewed 115 shoppers (59 men, 56 women) aged 19 to 85 as they were leaving a shopping mall. They tested spatial memory by asking drivers to describe where their car was in the parking lot which had 431 spaces
  • Shoppers were also asked to mark the car's location on a map and to estimate its distance from the store exit
  • Most people found their way back to their cars -- using the shortest and most direct route possible -- without any difficulty. But about 14% of the participants veered off course, and most of those who got a little lost were women
  • About 50% of study participants reported they've had some or frequent problems finding their parked cars within the last year.
  • Most men and women said they used at least two different methods to remember where they parked. The most popular strategy was noticing landmarks (80%). Other frequently used techniques included parking close to the mall entrance (62%), retracing their original walking path through the lot (56%), using mental imagery (35%) or parking in a favorite spot (19%)