I recently dragged my husband into a Chanel store while we were in California. To my surprise he had no idea how much Chanel bags, jackets, accessorizes, etc really were. If I had know this I wouldn't have taken him into the store in the first place! He laughed out load (embarrassingly) as he flipped over the price tag. It was almost as if he screamed to whole store..."I''m from Jerome". He proceeded his shocking laughter with, "Jackie, did you see the price of this bag".At that point I dragged him out of the store before his next comment got us kicked out.

It made me wonder why a simple, elegant handbag can make a women so extremely happy. What is it about the name on the side of the item that gives us so much happiness. We will pay quadrupole for an item if it has the right name on it. When I really think about it...paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for one bag seems silly, I know on a bad day all I would have to do is come home and hold my Chanel Bag and everything would be OK.